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Applications > Automotive chassis, engine, exhaust system labels

Automotive Chassis, Engine and Exhaust System Labels

Automotive chassis, engine and exhaust system labels have to be durable enough to withstand tough operating conditions for the life of the vehicle they are attached to. Automotive labels carry the car’s unique serial number and other information so that purchasers can verify that the vehicle carries its original parts, law enforcement agencies can identify stolen merchandise, manufacturers can manage inventory and track parts shipments, and regulatory authorities can check compliance with applicable laws. Ideal automotive labels should be durable under harsh temperature, abrasion and chemical exposure conditions while being tamper resistant to deter theft and discourage the sale of counterfeit and stolen parts.

William Frick & Company supplies laser etched destructible parts labels that are tamper evident while being highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and extreme temperatures. Frick’s laser etching on oil labels, engine labels and other parts labels is done with a 10KW laser. The information cannot be altered once it is applied, so the only way the crucial identifying information can be tampered with is by complete destruction of the label. Labels can be prepared with alphanumeric serial numbers with or without bar codes.

Frick laser etched labels meet automotive industry labeling requirements, Department of Defense labeling requirements, and both EPA and California standards for small engine labeling. The labels can be installed without additional surface preparation or special tools. They are manufactured with acrylic film available in white lettering on black background, black lettering on white background and black lettering on silver surface. They can be used for automotive chassis, engine and exhaust system labeling as well as for small engine labels, power equipment parts labels, utility labels, tamper evident seals, and in other applications. Call our customer service representatives today to discuss your labeling needs.

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