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Applications > Asset Marking & Tracking

Asset Labels, Asset Tags, and RFID Asset Tracking

Secure, Track, and Identify your assets with a Frick asset tag, asset label, or an asset tracking RFID tag. William Frick produces industry leading asset labels, asset tags, barcodes, and RFID components that can help your business.

Some applications of Frick asset marking labels and RFID tags:

   • Tamper-Evident Labels for use in determining warranty eligibility
   • Retail anti-theft systems
   • Protect brand integrity
   • Combat financial loss from counterfeiting

Authentical™ Rights Protection

Authentical™ asset labeling products arm you against losses caused by theft, counterfeiting, unlawful duplication or product tampering and can be applied directly to your product or packaging. Our Rights Protection Label™ technologies can be used alone or in combination to provide multi-level protection when demanded by your needs.

Additionally, AuthentiCal asset labels can be made to be discreet and, blend into your product or packaging design - making duplication extremely difficult. The secure labels provide irrefutable evidence of authenticity.

SmartMark™ Asset Marking RFID Tags

SmartMark™ RFID asset tags can uniquely identify your products while assisting you combat theft. These RFID tags can function as an integral part of a Smart Drawer system where you have real-time inventory of tools, jewelry, and other high-value items. Contact a sales representative to see how we can help when tracking assets is critical.

User Wiki

Good Asset labels and asset tags, April 30 2010

By: Danielle

William Frick SmartMark RFID products are good asset labels and asset tags. The new RFID technology allows companies like mine to save time and money by scanning from a distance, and reducing operator error. Barcodes have their place, but RFID tags are the best asset tags and asset labels.

RFID as asset marking labels and asset tracking labels, April 30 2010

By: Michael

As the previous poster mentioned, RFID technology, with its 30+ feet ranges, and over 500 bits of storage data, allows technicians around the world to better label and track assets. An RFID asset tag can be read 100,000 times, and it is much more durable than a barcode label.

Frick RFID asset tags adhere securely to any product, and once attached, will give years if not decades of service. They can be bolted, glued, or even embedded into many products.

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