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How to Use Labels to Prevent Fraud

By some estimates, counterfeit and stolen products represent over 7% of worldwide trade, amounting to several hundred billion dollars per year. This trade in illicit goods has a direct negative impact on the world economy and on individual companies and consumers. The exporting and importing countries lose billions of dollars every year in tax revenues due to unreported transactions involving counterfeit and stolen merchandise. Legitimate manufacturers lose billions in profits, reducing the funds available for innovative research and development and limiting employment opportunities for workers. Counterfeit goods are often inferior in quality and could pose safety hazards to consumers.

William Frick & Company offers a variety of anti-fraud labels to help combat the international trade in illicit goods. Security labels are available utilizing several technologies to authenticate products at every step of the distribution chain from the factory loading dock to the retail store shelf. An infrared activated security sticker has a security message such as a serial number, barcode or trademark embedded in the label laminate that is not visible under normal light. When illuminated with a special infrared light, the message is illuminated to authenticate the product. We also offer anti-fraud labels using ultraviolet activated messages, holograms, tamper seals, embedded film messages, serialization and chemical verification technologies to protect your product security. You can use our secure carton labels to track your products and verify the authenticity of incoming stock.

Whether you are a manufacturer exporting finished goods to distribution networks worldwide, an importer supplying retails outlets throughout your country, or a retailer meeting your customers’ needs, it is imperative that you verify that you are shipping, receiving and selling genuine merchandise. William Frick & Company can help you ensure that your customers receive only authentic products. Call our customer service representatives today to discuss how we can supply your anti-fraud labels, security labels and other security sticker requirements.

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Security Stickers, May 21 2010

By: Michael

Security Stickers

I like the security stickers that I bought at William Frick. The Green security sticker, upon tampering will permanently split into yellow and blue fragments, making the tampering extremely visible.

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