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Vibration Dampening Pad Label

Precision Cut Shapes, Versatile Attachment

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Vibration Dampening Pad Label

This label is for applications where one or more vibration-dampening pads or spacers are needed. Each of the pre-spaced pads is cut to shape and precisely placed on a pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed label for fast and accurate installation. A variety of dampening materials and label stocks can be combined to meet varying application requirements.

  • Fast and accurate installation
  • Water, oil, and UV resistant
  • Precision cut shapes
  • Versatile attachment

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Vibration Dampening or Resistance, Electronic Equipment & Devices, Insulators


Polyester Base with Polyurethane Pads

  Polyester: Polyurethane:
Overall Thickness: 2.0 mils ± 10% 60.0 mils ± 10%
Shore A Hardness: n/a 70
Resilience: n/a 28% - 34%
Dielectric strength (ASTM-D-1000): n/a 200
Water Resistance: Excellent Excellent
Oil Resistance: Excellent Excellent
Solvents Resistance: Excellent Fair
UV Resistance: Very Good Very Good
Abrasion Resistance: Good Very Good

The label stock and surface-mounted materials can be changed to construct labels with different properties and thicknesses.


Adhesive Type

  Polyester: Polyurethane:
Overall Thickness: 1.0 mils ± 10% 60.0 mils ± 10%
Type: Permanent Acrylic Natural Rubber
Application Temp: -40º F - 300 º F -30º F - 150º F
Adhesion to Steel at 72 hr. dwell: Excellent Very Good
Adhesion to Glass at 72 hr. dwell: Very Good Very Good
Adhesion to LSE plastics: Fair Very Good
Adhesion HSE plastics: Very Good Very Good


Shelf Life

Stored at 70 º F/50% Relative Humidity

18 Months


Vibration Dampening Pad Label Design

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Vibration Pad That Lasts, April 04 2011

By: Frank

The vibration dampening pad we get from William Frick is custom cut to fit our components. We use these as spacers as well as vibration dampeners, so their durability under fairly tough conditions is especially important to us. The adhesive backing makes them very easy to install right where we need them.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Precision Cut Vibration Dampening Pad, April 04 2011

By: Robert

Frick's vibration dampening pad is precision cut to our specifications. Its adhesive is strong enough to keep the pad where we need it for vibration dampening. The excellent oil and solvent resistance of these dampening pads means we don't have to worry about how long they will last after we complete the final assembly of our devices.

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