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AuthentiCal Security Labels

AuthentiCal™ Security Labels

See a demonstration of the power of AuthentiCal™ security labels.

AuthentiCal™ is a complete line of security labels for packaging, manufacturing and distribution applications.  The labels are designed to:

  • Combat financial loss
  • Protect brand integrity
  • Reduce risk to public safety
  • Prevent counterfeiting

You can custom design AuthentiCal™ products to best match your applications.  You can employ single or multi-level security technologies for the level of protection.  Additionally, AuthentiCal™ security labels can be made to be discreet and blend into your product or packaging design—making duplication extremely difficult.  These secure labels provide irrefutable evidence of authenticity.

Applications Products
  Laser Destructible Premium Security Label Color Changing  Film Hidden Message Label Printable Void Label IR Authenticity Label Ultraviolet Authenticity Label
Tamper Indicating X X X X X    
Level of Security High Medium Very High Highest Low    
Anti-Counterfeit   X   X   X X
Forgery Protection   X       X X
Document Security   X       X X
Resist False Positives       X   X X

User Wiki

Security Tags and Security Label, April 30 2010

By: Michael

I like the way you have your security tags and the different security labels in a side by side comparison. I would like to ask, how does the Printable Void Security Label work? What other options do you have for security stickers?

Security Labels and Security Stickers, April 30 2010

By: David C.

The Void Security Label will show the word \"Void\" when someone tampers with the label.

I find that the Hidden Message security stickers are great for balancing the need for a good looking product label and its hard to beat security features.

Security Tags and Security Sticker, April 30 2010

By: Jennifer

I like the tamper-evident labels such as the Hidden Message security sticker. Does Frick have a holographic security sticker similar to what Microsoft uses to prevent unauthorized duplication?

Hologram Labels Improve Our Security, February 21 2011

By: Bill

We use William Frick's hologram labels as well as several of their other anti-counterfeit labels to improve our company security. Our hologram labels are almost impossible for a thief or counterfeiter to duplicate, so our customers know that they are getting our genuine products when they see our distinctive security labels on our cartons and security stickers on our products.

Frick also supplies us with unauthorized duplication labels and document security labels for all of our sensitive in-house paperwork, as well as for our legal paperwork and contract correspondence with our suppliers and customers.

Custom Die Cut Components Help Speed Up Product Modifications, February 21 2011

By: Frank

Our business requires frequent changes in our basic product model to keep up with advancing technology and to provide annual changes in appearance. We rely on William Frick to provide us with fast prototype die cut components as we go through design changes.

Our products require custom components such as screen printed control panel overlays and die cut flame retardant insulators. When we work with Frick's design team to modify our die cut components we always get what we need in a timely manner so that the new parts fit the new product model and we don't lose any down-time waiting for custom parts.

Security Labels Are Cheap Insurance, February 21 2011

By: Frank

When we noticed an increase in losses from theft and counterfeiting of our products coming in from overseas, we started using tamper-evident labels from Frick in our manufacturing and distribution operation. We worked with Frick to customize our labels to include not only our company logo, but also barcode information and advanced security features.

We put destructible labels on all of our shipping cartons to act as anti-counterfeit labels. If anybody removes one of our labels for use on counterfeit goods, the tamper-evident features make it clear that the new package is suspicious. Likewise, attempted theft of a carton's contents will also be evident when the security tags are broken.

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